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The self-defense classes include learning karate, punches, kicks, blocks and easy self-defense moves in a structured fun way.

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We do this through a myriad of martial arts systems and provide a great deal of opportunities for young people to train in various styles.We provide a curriculum for practical self defense in real world applications.Offered by demand, Model Mugging Self Defense for young teens, ages 12 to 15, is a transitional class that teaches this age group basic physical self defense skills and awareness skills to avoid common threats for personal protection.Our instructors are very experienced in martial arts and specifically versed in Self-Defense.Self-defense based on the best of traditional and modern martial arts.

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Krav Maga, initially developed by the Israeli Defense Force, is commonly regarded as the most effective self-defense fighting system in the world.Kids self defense classes organized at our mixed martial training center in Smithfield, New South Wales, Australia are designed in a way that help shape kids into strong personalities and teach effective self defence.

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Bring your child in and try one of our self defense classes for kids for free.Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a police officer, or an experienced Martial Artist, this book will open your mind to a new way of thinking.

Topics include home alone safety, bullying, the stranger myth, inappropriate touching, abductions, self-confidence and more.If they are aware of themselves and aware of things that could mean danger, they have the best chance of staying safe.Judo teaches you how to avoid conflict if possible and deal with it if necessary without anger in a way that defuses aggression rather than adding to it.Its guiding principles are: simplicity, efficiency, speed and self-control.

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Fine tune your movements to double your striking power and learn the art of deflection rather than force on force defensive techniques.

If you have a group of ten to fifteen girls who are younger than 16, we can hold an age group specific self defense for girls class and modify the class outline and format according to the maturity and ages of group members.A good self-defense class can teach you how to size up a situation and decide what you should do.

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Know how to protect yourself by taking online self-defense courses.

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The classes are safe, fun, and can shape your kids positively for the rest of their lives.Kids do not have the emotional maturity to be taught effective martial arts.

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Martial Arts classes for kids deliver many benefits in different areas of life including fitness, self discipline, self defense, respecting others, self confidence, positive social interaction etc.Our Abbotsford kids martial arts classes are loved by our community.Main Goal Of Defense Last but not least, women and children should know that the main goal of defense is not to fight.